New Moon Queercasting

The new moon is falling in a crisis time, a time of fear and isolation where local and national leaders are failing us every minute in new and hideous ways with every word that comes out of their mouths. In a world where a rich cis het white man found it somehow reasonable to suggest sacrificing the elderly population to save Wall Street, how can we cope with that minute to minute dystopian events that affect us? Especially where so many of us are vulnerable for one reason or another.

I asked Hecate, my particular Matron, for help before casting these cards, since the new moon is Her time. She can be a little harsh, but I’d rather have harsh honesty than sugar-glazed lies any time.

Temperance reversed: This is the world right now. It’s us versus them, and “They” are all living in a delusional denial complex built around a heartless core of capitalism. So many around us have been lured into the web of deceit, from coworkers to dear friends to family members. Intemperance, imbalance, disharmony, and illness abound.

Death reversed: I’m reading this as a period of stasis and stagnation followed by a period of change and upheaval, which is not surprising in the least. A revolution can hit like lightning in a world that’s trying to hold its breath like a toddler until its kyriarchical denial is affirmed. I feel this is a card of sudden movement and radical freedom and hope.

Nine of swords reversed: Upright, this card is night terrors, where one is haunted by the past in the darkest hours. Reversed, this is a release from the ghosts and chains of the past, a slow and gentler awakening to a world where dreams can be achieved and not pinned down like a trapped butterfly. We are the fishes who have been caught in the binding net, but freed back into the sea by a passing stranger with a sharp knife and a kind heart. (This passing stranger could also be any of us, by the way.)

It is a hard time, Glitter Family. Love each other fiercely (if remotely).

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