Waxing Moon Queercasting

As we simmer in our slow-motion disaster movie, the moon is performing her eons-old dance of fattening, bringing us closer to the fruition of the full moon. I drew a single card to clue us in on what sorts of things we could be doing right now to help us through.

The High Priestess: This is the right time to gather energies around us creating our futures. If YA fiction has given us anything in the past decade, it’s the message that despite dystopia or apocalypse, there’s always hope, always a future, and always something you can do. In this case, the High Priestess is telling us: use these wild and springish energies to circle yourself and your people with protection, with light and hope and fierce defensive love. Dare to dream the Aftertimes, the queer communes and victory gardens and broken kyriarchies, craft these energies into the shape of your future.

May starlight and moon guide all our feet, Glitter Family, as we pass through these liminal lands of murk and chiaroscuro. We will get through this.

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