Full Moon Queercasting

A month deeper into this human-worsened natural disaster, Glitter Family, and I hope you’re all healthy and hiding from the plague successfully. Remember that this is not normal, and it is totally okay to not be okay at this point. Everything hurts more than it would normally, and if Plague is touching you and yours closely, it is all right if you aren’t productive, if you aren’t writing that novel you swore you’d write if only you had the time, if you aren’t making art, or whatever. Breathe. Do things that help you dissociate or rest or connect with your loved ones… whatever brings you moments of joy. Because the highs and the lows are the ones we will remember on the other side of this.

I thought about throwing more than 3 cards for this full moon, but it didn’t feel right, so we have 3 cards.

3-card draw: 5 of pentacles, 4 of cups reversed, and the Empress (using the Modern Witch Tarot)

5 of Pentacles: We’re isolated, scared, huddled against the elements arrayed against us. The people on this card are out in the cold, inadequately dressed for the weather, unprepared and unhappy, but there’s a lit window and warmth and shelter behind them, if they can find the door to get in. Remember that there is shelter for the asking, whether that’s a physical space or a person or a group of people and their space. But asking is the key.

4 of Cups reversed: The image on this card is about being offered opportunities and refusing them out of either obliviousness (spacing out) or spite (sulking). Reversed, this is about breaking out of your commonplace rut, seeing the rut for what it is — the walls and fences holding you back, containing you perhaps without you even noticing that you’re imprisoned. This is the ability to see that the deep worn channel that forces you into the same path every day actually has a magic spot hidden along it into which you can fire torpedoes and destroy the Death Star!

The Empress: While you’re smashing the kyriarchy and capitalism, remember to take care of yourself and your family, whoever they may be. Mother energy embraces and nurtures, but is also fiercely protective. Be the weighted blanket or the Parent Bear you need to be, for yourself, for your loves, and — if and only if you have the energy — for the world.

The Full Moon is here with all the energy of the last half-month built and gathered, Glitter Family. Remember to use it however you need to, whether you’re just barely managing to get out of bed and get food into you, or unionizing your workplace — you are valid and real and deserve whatever joy you can seize in these times.

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