Waning Moon Queercasting

The moon is waning, and yet the pandemic is still waxing. How long will it go on? Probably longer than any of the mainstream wants to admit. We’ve got a more realistic handle on it, Glitter Family, and that forecast isn’t very hopeful in the near term. So let’s see what the week of the waning moon will give us in the short term.

Six of Swords reversed: Upright, this is all about the journey. Reversed, as here, we’re looking at a journey paused or halted, changes and transitions in limbo. All those big changes that have been building for the past half year or so are just… hanging there, still and poised for motion, but stuck. Take this time to breathe. Deeper. Let it out slowly, slower than you took in that breath. Again. We are all poised on the edge, waiting to see how the world turns under us. Only time will tell. All we can do right now is breathe.

Breathe. Hydrate. Sleep. Love. Hang in there, friends. We know how to do the long haul. We have the stamina, especially if we’re there for each other.

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