New Moon Queercasting

We’ve made it through to another new moon, Glitter Family! I used this photo on this post because the surface of the moon of my mind is feeling old and full of craters in my mental health, and I’m struggling to find beauty and joy right now. Photos of the moon remind me: we are capable of great things, as a species and a culture. We are social animals who have created a rich and varied world of science and art, we have come up with ways to see animals in the deepest trenches of the oceans and the sandy, rocky surfaces of other worlds millions of miles away. We create the pinkest pink and ask neural nets to generate silly names for kittens and for whatever ridiculous reason, dogs love us.

This new moon, as previously, I drew 3 cards to see what’s in store in the next 2 weeks until the full.

The 8 of Cups, the 5 of Wands reversed, and The High Priestess reversed, from the Modern Witch Tarot.

Eight of Cups: This card represents turning away from what is before you, and perhaps retiring from the World of Kung Fu — that is, pulling back, reevaluating what’s important, and turning away from what isn’t important to seek a better life without eternal politics and conflict. It may not be possible to do this completely, perhaps the World of Kung Fu will follow you, or pull you back in when you’re least expecting it, but valuing your life and dreams and health is worthwhile.

Five of Wands reversed: This card tells us that we’ve all be struggling, fighting really, a constant and seemingly unending battle, and it’s time to take a rest. Put your big stick down, lean on it, and breathe. I mean, it’s not like we can even tell who or what exactly we’re fighting against. Look at that card, everyone is fighting everyone else, there’s no “side” to take, it’s everyone for themself. That’s exhausting and ridiculous, see above, social animals. Put the stick down. Find your allies and friends and family. Get each other’s backs. That’s the only way to keep going.

High Priestess reversed: It’s easy right now to get tangled up in one’s head and be unable to pay attention to one’s other perceptions. Everyone is dissociating a bit, whether they admit it or not, because this is all a worldwide trauma. So the thing to do is realize that yes, we are all enduring trauma and are unable to escape it; yes, we are all hiding in our own heads to try to figure out an escape plan and, failing that, we’re spinning in place. For our own health and safety, we need to find ways to pull ourselves down out of our heads into our whole bodies rather than finding ways to flee to other (smaller) parts of our heads. Reach for the intuition that will help you hash through your feelings — because I guarantee you’re having feelings — and reach for the inner magic that will help you find ways to channel that spinning-in-place energy.

Take some time to yourself over the next 2 weeks to breathe and feel the rest of your being, your emotions and your magic, your muscle and bone and heartbeat. Whether your method for inhabiting your skin is yoga or petting a cat, running or hugging a plushie, qigong or sexytimes, meditation or a hot bath — take 5 minutes, or 10, or 60, whatever you can spare, every day, somewhere you feel safest, and just explore what being your whole self might be like. If you get into the habit now, imagine what you might be able to do once the world has moved into whatever new shape it will be.

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