Waxing Moon Queercasting

Apologies for the lateness of the waxing moon QC, folks.

The New Moon queercasting was about taking a well-deserved breather to step back and look at everything you’ve been shoving down under Crisis Mode. Let’s see what’s happening this week in the lead-up to the full moon.

Death reversed: Death is all about change. The change is usually big. In the case of the upright card, that change is often well-heralded to those who are willing to see the signs. Reversed, this card and this time feels like sudden massive change sneaking up and blackjacking us. It could be positive or negative, but it may be nigh-disastrous timing either way. This week is rough stuff, Glitter Family. Take care of yourselves as best you can, and take care of your loved ones with what energy you have. Pull in, brace yourselves, and prepare to weather the storm. It feels like the full moon may be equally rough.

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