Full Moon Queercasting

Apparently, I’m just going to be late posting this month. There’s an astonishing amount to do while in quarantine.

For this month’s full moon reading, I was informed (by my Matron) that I should throw 5 cards rather than 3. The layout was a fragment of the Celtic Cross — crown above and root below, with recent past, present situation, near future across. So let’s begin.

Knight of Wands: The crown of the reading. Here it means that we are seeking or in need of direction and purpose, the skill to direct ourselves toward goals, despite the constant crisis mode we’re in. Creativity is at a premium right now, though we all feel pressure to seek for those threads that will allow us to be somehow miraculously constructive.

Four of Swords reversed: The sleeper is an insomniac, desperately seeking and needing rest, but unable to achieve it. Here is the root of the problem, the reason creativity keeps slipping out of our grasp: we need rest and restoration, and there’s no having that with those swords hanging over us constantly.

Queen of Cups: In the recent past, we’ve been having to manage a lot of emotions. Emotions are running over, and we’ve been handling them with all our usual coping mechanisms, whether that’s processing with our loved ones, discussion with therapists, dissociation, medication, a mix of all four, or some other method that works for you and doesn’t harm yourself or others, because this is the Queen and she’s the expert at emotions.

Seven of Cups reversed: Choices abound, perhaps too many, and you’re having trouble determining what choices are actually important. It’s also difficult to make those choices critically, with a long-term view for what will be best for the future.

Four of Wands reversed: Insecurity looms in the near future, with possible upheavals expected and unexpected. That’s no real news to anyone with an eye on the world situation right now, but I think it’s a caution to beware. Future predictions are never certain and are generally warnings that opportunities exist, either good ones you can go after or bad ones that you may be able to avoid. This plays into the present card too: you have choices and opportunities. Take your time, if you can, and work through the options in order to avoid as many problems as these choices could create.

The thing to remember, Glitter Family, is that real life and time, as nebulous as it may seem, go on. Things happen, choices and opportunities come down the road. The Queen of Cups can help you wrestle those into whatever structure works best for you to determine what’s best for your future. Rest is elusive and retreat is difficult, but forgive yourself for seeking them, and continue to pursue them. They are how you can best center yourself and find your direction.

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