Waning Moon Queercasting

The full moon queercasting was pretty rough, and this week’s waning moon supplement is not easing up.

Five of Wands: Conflict, conflict, conflict. Struggle. Everything is a fight to get done, even just sleeping. There are no sides, only sticks.

We’ve got to catch our breaths, lean on our staves and stop fighting each other, stop struggling for the high ground, and find ways to work together. (And no, we don’t have to work with the people who hate other people, especially the Randian terrorists who want haircuts and bars.) But sometimes we’re working at cross purposes with those we love, because this time is making communication both better and harder at the same time. We’re also fighting ourselves because this is all trauma, it’s all anxiety and depression and sinking horror, and parts of ourselves are dissociating and other parts are giving up and yet other parts are struggling to keep everything normal. Each of us is a house divided. As the moon wanes, pause and take stock of those internal and external struggles. Make the calls: which are fights that aren’t real? which are the fights that aren’t worth fighting? And let those go. None of us have the energy for everything right now. Cut some of those fights loose.

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