New Moon Queercasting

So yes, the new moon was Friday, and today is Tuesday, but I am unfortunately not excluded from the various mental and chronic health challenges that are flying thick and fast during this quarantine time. So here is the new moon queercast, and perhaps it will inform events that have already occurred, or events still to come in this half a moon cycle.

Layout: Queen of Cups reversed at center, 2 of Wands as crown, Knight of Cups as root, Knight of Pentacles reversed as recent past, and the Magician reversed as near future. Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle.

Queen of Cups reversed: This is the heart of the reading — the place where we are and the struggles we’re dealing with. Emotions are getting all over the place and need management and curation. Time to pull back and do some emotional maintenance for yourself — we’re all spending a lot of time dissociating by being invested in the emotional wellbeing of our loved ones.

Two of Wands: This is the crown or theme of the reading. Waiting for the ships to come in, this is the time to plan around what to do when the ships — or opportunities — arrive. Where do you want to go after all this? Change is the only constant; you cannot return to “normal” because it never really existed. You cannot return to “before” either because we are creatures of Change. Take the time to think about where you’ll land when the current state of “continuous present” ends and you can really plan again.

Knight of Cups: The root of the reading is the knight, the active agent of the suits, the one who is harnessing the power of emotions to power those passion plans that are coming up under the Two of Wands. This is who we mostly want to be, channeling all this pent-up energy toward constructive projects.

Knight of Pentacles reversed: In the recent past, we’ve been struggling generally with the challenges of being blocked from exploring and acting on the elements of Pentacles: practical matters, money, work, art — pretty much everything that’s been made more difficult by the quarantine. It also suggests a solution to help with the difficulties: establishing a routine or schedule, something that gets everything accomplished in small bites. Yes, it might be slower than you usually do things, but what you can do is only what you can do, and none of us are at our very best right now.

The Magician reversed: This near future is the power of manifestation and synthesis… suspended. Progress is just sort of hanging there, moving slowly if at all. Anyone reasonable knows that the future is uncertain and not likely to change, especially not in the next 2 weeks.

The Magic 8-Ball of Tarot is basically saying, More of the same, pull back, regroup, and dream. Don’t move to open yourself prematurely if you can help it. The world is and will be radically different than life was in February, and while planning is difficult, dreaming is free. Dream yourself to the other side of this mess, while doing the work on yourself that you need to manifest over there.

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