Waxing Moon Queercasting

The New Moon queercasting was as rough as pretty much all the readings have been for the past couple of months. More retreating and regrouping, which seems to be the theme for 2020 overall. Let’s see what our one-card read for this part of the moon cycle says.

Ace of Cups: Keep doing what you’ve been doing that feels like it works, Glitter Family. If dissociation/distraction/hyperfocus/whatever is what’s keeping you going and it doesn’t feel like you’re damaging other parts of your life by doing it, that’s fine. Pay attention to your entire spectrum of emotions, though — your feelings are going to help get you through all this, and you need to be aware of any emotional damage you might be doing to yourself or others. Everything is about feelings right now, and you need to keep tabs on them.

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