Full Moon Queercasting

The New Moon told us that transformation was on hold, but the Full Moon is… different.

The Star: This card is the heart of the reading. Hope, transformation, feet in both worlds. Stars are engines of transformation, generating the basic elements of our physical reality while lending distant light and perspective to our darkest nights. Even if there are clouds blocking them visibly, these giant energy sources contribute to our background energies invisibly. This is a welcome change from previous weeks.

Five of Swords reversed: The crown and theme of the reading points out that old wounds and old crimes are foremost in our worlds right now. In the larger sense of our reality, this is definitely the case as our black siblings have been injured and murdered with impunity for far too long. As always, those oppressed on more than one spectrum suffer as well, with less discussion and attention: the deaths of black women, both cis and trans, straight and queer, are ignored or brushed under the rug, though they’re happening even as protests rise. Keep in mind, as in the greater world, so also mirrors the personal. We’ve had a lot of time in the past 3 months of pandemic to wander our interior landscapes, and for many of us, old words and hurts have come to the surface where we can no longer ignore them.

Five of Cups: The root of the reading is also a mirror to the theme. A 5 upright, these are the cups that catch the tears and blood from the reversed 5 of swords. We are in mourning. This is a time of immense and intense grief. We grieve for lives needlessly ended, we grieve for all our ways of living, big and small — from the uncomfortable dissociative truce with hatred we had to come to in order to exist in consensual reality with other people, to the ability to go for a walk without a mask. Cups of change and transformation are full to overflowing with the sorrow that flush to the surface. In managing to go onward, we need to manage our grief and realize there are great things, new opportunities and positive changes, within our grasp, if we can only look away from the bleeding wounds long enough to see.

Nine of Cups: In the recent past, the reason we were able to trudge on in the status quo was that there was joy to be found in it most of the time, though it often took hunting for those treasures. We could gather them around us, the moments and the people and the things, the actions that gave us delight, however ephemeral. We found what sparked joy, as Marie Kondo says, and kept it close. One thing to remember is that Marie Kondo also can teach us that what sparked joy a month, a year, a lifetime ago, may not now. Is it enough to keep that memory or thing close at hand simply to warm ourselves by the memory of joy? Or do we need to find the things that actively give us joy and discard the rest?

Knight of Wands reversed: In the near future, there is energy, so much energy, with a warning. It is building up, all around us and within us. So much it can overwhelm and exhaust. Vibrating at higher and higher frequencies, rattling around with passion and intensity and creativity until it feels like it will burst. We are all the Knight right now, with fireworks and shadows making us and our horse threaten to spook or bolt. If that happens, it can take you somewhere, if you hold on hard enough, though the experience will be terrifying. Or you might fall off, with consequences that range from a bad bruise to disaster. You cannot control everything in the greater reality right now — that horse is too big for any one person to control. But you can try to keep hold of the reins of your own horse, to try to calm it with soft words and touches, until the danger passes — the time will come when you can turn the horse and aim for a safer path. If you can’t hold the reins, hold onto anything you can reach — the mane, the saddle, anything. You will end up somewhere new whatever happens, and all we can do is try to minimize the damage.

Glitter Family, you know very well we are coming to crossroad after crossroad in this terrifying time. Change has come, is come, will come, will we or nil we. Remember the mirror of the 5 cards — our hope and opportunities can come from our sorrow and pain, but we also need to take time to grieve and process those sorrows and pains. While many of us are willing to be part of change and transformation, it is proceeding/will proceed with breathtaking speed, the kind that makes one wish for a break. We’re not getting a break, because all this is so much bigger than us. Even in our own lives, this is bigger, faster, stronger than we may be prepared for. Brace yourselves in the light of the full moon and find what joys you can right now.

There is no end
To what a living world
Will demand of you.

― Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Sower

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