Waning Moon Queercasting

Just a quick single-card pull for the waning moon, given that we’re ramping up to the New Moon and Summer Solstice and an eclipse.

The Hermit: For a single card, this one feels like a heavy hitter — both as a major arcana card and in its overall meaning. The Hermit isn’t just someone hiding in a cave: this is about choosing solitude in order to introspect and contemplate and meditate, and choosing the timing and subject. Most of the lunar phase readings for the past couple of months have insisted that in addition to everything that’s happening outside, we need to reevaluate ourselves, our relationships, our lives. We need to seek what we can do in terms of the cultural turmoil inside ourselves — maybe all we can do is watch when we can, because we don’t have the physical energy to demonstrate or the emotional energy to participate in education and social media or the financial privilege to donate. Witnessing, and thinking critically about what we are witnessing, is an important part of revolution, because you become part of the network of oral history.

Change starts within and is reflected without in both small and large ways. Strength to your arms and hearts, Glitter Family.

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