Full Moon Queercasting

This full moon is even more full of anxiety than all the full moons since November 2016 have been, with Mercury going direct, a Friday the 13th on the week’s horizon, and a growing pandemic sowing angst, illness, and confusion across the globe. So let’s see what the cards have in store for us.

Seven of Swords: The thief of swords, taking an armful of swords away with them, but leaving a few behind so people can still defend themselves. This gives us the direction to choose not only our battles but also our weapons carefully, and to do so in a way that doesn’t deprive others of the tools they need for their (possibly related) battles.

Three of Wands: We’re gazing out to sea, waiting for the ships to come in. What’s on the horizon? Perhaps we’re just starting to see the sails and hoping they’re not a mirage, or perhaps we know they can’t possibly be there yet but we linger in hope. This card counsels patience — things are happening in the greater world, and we may be waiting in anxiety or anticipation, but this full moon will be a time of watching and waiting.

The Hermit: This major arcana card is the solitary Sage, a person who draws into themself and contemplates great wisdom. This card is suggesting that we take this waiting period and use it for learning, for gathering wisdom from the air and stars and earth, for divining the future from the dreams of our hearts.

Remember, as you pull into watchful waiting mode, possibly self-isolating and choosing your battles to conserve your strength: we queers know from pandemics, moreso than many other groups. Our forequeens and primogaynitors forged through the denial, mockery, and flames of the AIDS crucible, a generation of queers was both lost and tempered in that crucible. We know the truth: we will survive, we will be stronger, we will be transformed. But most of all, do your best to stay alive: eat well, get the best sleep you can, and help each other. Community is our strength.

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