Waning Moon Queercasting

While the full moon reading from last week is still in effect, I thought I’d do a single card for this week, just as an added bit of information. Our world is changing constantly and rapidly right now, and I have found some comfort in following the motion.

Four of Cups reversed: This card is represented in the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot as a man sitting contemplating 3 cups before him, ignoring the fourth cup being offered him by the Universe. Upright, it means that there are opportunities being ignored while contemplating what one has already. Reversed, in our current world situation, I feel that this means all our opportunities are up in the air: what we have, what we’re offered, what might be on the horizon. We’re mired in confusion and chaos and cannot see our possibilities, even the ones under our noses, because life has been too disrupted.

Still, there’s a lesson here: don’t get complacent, don’t ignore opportunities. This is a chance to get out of our ruts, figure out what’s important, and pull those things out of the chaos to come with us on our continuing journey.

Stay home, wash your hands, and try to stay healthy and/or recover well with rest and medical advice. Stick around to get the chance to find those important things. My best wishes to you and yours from my Home Quarantine Center. Goddess willing, I’ll be back next week with a New Moon Queercasting.

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