Wonder City Storytime!

Hello, all! Like all of you, I am quarantining dutifully. Possibly unlike you, I have been overwhelmed by an urge to read to people. So I have decided to record myself using the iPhone voice memos app read through Wonder City Stories. I am going to share the totally unedited files here for you if you’d like to listen to them. Unedited because there is enough stress in the world, and I do not need to add to it for myself by listening to my own voice and obsessing over every breath, sniffle, and stumble.

Maybe someday I’ll do a real audiobook, but in the meantime, please enjoy the first chapter of Wonder City Stories as read by an enthusiastic asthmatic having an allergy attack. 🙂

Wonder City Stories, Ch 1: Making An Impression
Read by the author

And in case you’d like to buy this book based on my reading, you can find the ebook at multiple non-Amazon retailers and paperback/Kindle at Amazon.

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