New Moon Queercasting

The New Moon this time was even more energetic than usual, sharing its time with the Summer Solstice and also a “ring of fire” solar eclipse. I’m no astrologer, but I pay most attention to our closest sky neighbors, even as I admire the distant points of fire that are the stars. The moon and sun both shifted this time, and we are also near the end of a Venus retrograde and the start of a Mercury retrograde. Communication and relationships are in flux, and hard personal hurts and memories have been dredged up for many of us. It’s hard to focus on the personal when such huge changes are moving all around us, but the personal is where we can make change, where change begins.

Pictured: a 5-card Tarot reading. The heart of the reading: 3 of cups reversed; theme: Page of Cups reversed; root: Ace of Pentacles reversed; near past: King of Wands reversed; near future: 6 of pentacles.
Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

Three of Cups reversed: The heart of this month’s New Moon is this card, which upright represents joy and togetherness and love. Reversed, it can mean many things, but I feel that this is yet another introspection card, though it may indicate disharmony on a personal level, internal or external.

Page of Cups reversed: The theme of the reading is the holding of emotions that we’re not sure how to deal with — perhaps they’re old emotions coming back to haunt us that we stuffed down or they’re new emotions. Whatever the case, we weren’t really prepared for them and we have no easy coping mechanisms. In short, we’re raw and new at dealing with these feelings, and we have to deal with them, they will not be shoved down or hidden, and will continue to pop up at the most inopportune moments until we figure out how to manage them.

Ace of Pentacles reversed: The root of the reading is the fumbling of one’s basic abilities. Pentacles are about craft and earthy, practical matters, like how we interact with capitalism and the kyriarchy — our survival skills, if you will. A combination of personal turmoil and the radical shifts that are happening outside has caused things to break down personally and worldwide — see the theme. We’re being faced with these changes inside and out and how do we adult about this?

King of Wands reversed: In the recent past, we have Patriarchy Gone Horribly Wronger-Than-Usual. Wands are about energy and creativity and movement. The King and Queen (upright) are the ones who hold all that and point it in the right direction, with skill and control and discernment — heavy-handed when they need to be, subtle at other times. Reversed, we have toxic masculinity indiscriminately sending energy into the world for all the wrong reasons.

Six of Pentacles: In the near future, an influence for the next half moon, is generosity. As above, pentacles means skill and practical matters, and here is love and unselfish helping hands. Take the gifts offered, whether you are offering them to yourself or someone else is offering them to you.

Be generous and gentle with yourself, breathe when you need to breathe, and don’t forget to share your love with your family. It’s a hard time for everyone, and it’s easy to forget to say — in all ways and all times — that you love someone. The kyriarchy is trying to come for us, Glitter Family, but we have many allies, physical and spirit, human and not. Call on your ancestors for aid, call on divine forces if that’s your jam — make magic happen for yourself and others. Love and magic are what feeds us all, on all levels.

And remember to tell the Kyriarchy:

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